Website Development

Website Development

Astral Design ensures your website looks great, gets you more customers and increases sales.

Design Brief

We meet with you to find out more about your business, the key benefits you provide, your goals and target audience. We then construct a Design Brief for you to sign off on.

UI and Website Design

We put together mock up designs of what your website will look like. We carefully study current design trends and techniques to ensure the utmost usability of your site


We help you optimise the content and pages of your site for your customers and SEO reasons. Less is generally more as people don’t read, they scan!


We take the finalized design and develop the site with HTML, CSS and PHP. We make sure your site is responsive across all screens and integrate the most trusted Content Management System so you have complete control over your site and its content.


We test all aspects of your new website across all current browsers and devices, especially mobile. Mobile internet usage has increased by a whopping 90% since 2013, and we make sure we cater for that!


Your website is now live! We recommend hosting your Website on Astral Design servers so we can manage maintenance, backups and security risks.

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